This catalog contains the product line offerings of Line Hardware Inc. for overhead and underground line construction of electric and  telephone systems. It cancels and supersedes all prior catalogs.

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TO HELP YOU FIND ITEMS QUICKLY, the product offerings of this catalog are divided into eight sections, based on hardware type and application. The contents are listed below by hardware type. For an alphabetical index click here. For a catalog number index click here.


A GROUNDING equipment
Arcing Horns A-9
Couplings and Drive Studs A-3
Equipment Ground Lug A-5
Copper Ground Plates A-1
Steel Ground Plates A-2
Ground Rods A-3
Ground Rod Clamps A-4
Ground Rod Clips A-9
Parallel Jumper Clamps A-7
Staples A-8
Tower Bonding Clips A-5
Tower Ground Clamps A-5

U-Bolt Ground Clamp A-5
Transformer Ground Connectors A-6
Water Pipe Ground Clamps A-7

B GUYING material
Anchor Rod Bonding Clamps B-9
Eyelets B-5
Eyenuts B-5
Guy Attachments B-1
Guy Clamps B-4
Guy Clips B-4
Guy Strain Plates B-8
Guy Wire Thimbles B-7
Lift Plates B-8
Pole Bands B-6
Pole Band Fittings B-7
Pole Band Guy Attachments B-7
Pole Band Connecting Links B-6
Pole Eye Plates B-2
Sheave Wheels B-7
Sidewalk Guy Fittings B-3
Thimbleye Bolts B
Universal Guy Attachments B-3   

C CONDUCTOR hardware

Anchor Shackles C-7
Angle Clamps C-3

Bolt Eyelets C-11
Chain Links C-7
Chain Shackles C-7
Dead End Clamps C-2
Double Arming Plates C-12
Double Dead End C-9
Extension Links C-8
Fittings - Ball Connections C-4

Fittings - Clevis Connections C-6
Fittings - Socket Connections C-5
Forged Steel Pins C-14
Insulated Deadend Clevis C-10
Line Post Insulator Studs C-13

Neutral Wire Bracket C-12
Oval Eyenuts C-11
Pilot Point Drive Hook C-10

Pole Top Pins C-13
Shield Wire Support C-12
Strain Clamps -Quadrant C-1
Suspension  Clamps C-3
Thimble Clevises C-9

Universal Strain Clamps C-2
Upset Spool Insulator Bolts C-11


C & A Brackets - Combination D-2
C & A Brackets - Crossarm Mounting D-1
C & A Brackets - Extension D-2
C & A Brackets - Single Phase D-3
C & A Brackets - Two Phase D-4
C & A Brackets - Three Phase D-4
Cable Racks & Support Arms D-8
Insulator Brackets - Pole Top D-6
Insulator Brackets - Vertical D-6

Mast Clamps D-9

Mounting Straps D-5
Pipe Straps D-9

Riser Mounting Bracket D-9
Tank Mounted Surge Arrester Brackets D-7
Terminator Brackets D-5

E POLE & CROSSARM accessories
Crossarm Gains E-1
Pole Steps E-2
Twin Arm Spacers E-2
Iron Washers F-2
Lag Screws F-4
Lock Nuts F-3
Lock Washers F-1
Lock Washers - Double Coil F-1
Nails F-5
Nuts F-3
Round Washers F-1
Square Washers F-1
Square Curved Washers F-1

Washer Head Fasteners F-5
Washer Nuts F-3

Terminal Connectors G-1
Transformer Spade Connectors G-2
Transformer Tap Adapters G-3

H PLASTIC products
Wildlife Protective Boots H-1

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Catalog Number Index I-5



Line Hardware Inc. was organized in 1970 to produce custom and standard line products in steel and iron for the electric utility industry. In time, products made of copper, bronze and aluminum were added to the line as well as hardware designed for telephone systems. Today, Line Hardware seeks to serve its customers with well designed and tested products which meet the ever changing needs of the line construction industry.

The products of Line Hardware Inc. are made in conformance with the latest applicable specification of the following standards publishing organizations:

ANSI American National Standards Institute
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Assoc.
RUS Rural Utilities Service (formerly the Rural Electrification Administration (REA))

Tests of LHI products are performed at state of the art, independent testing laboratories.


To insure quality finished products we start with quality raw material and use the best, most practical, manufacturing processes available. Ferrous castings are made of ductile iron, grade 654512, which provides higher strength and greater elongation than other cast irons. Steel products are made of domestically sourced hot rolled steel, typically A-36. Bronze and aluminum alloy products are made of the grade most suitable for the product, considering the electrical conductivity, strength and machinability required. Copper products are made of C110 Copper Electrolytic Tough Pitch.

Weights and Packaging

All product weights and standard packaging information are contained in the Weight and Packaging Guide that accompanies this catalog. All weights listed are packed weights. LHI products are packaged in durable cartons and palletized. To ease handling, standard packages are kept under 60 lbs.. and pallet weights do not exceed 3,000 Lbs.. Each carton is clearly labeled with product catalog number, description, quantity and weight. Your special packaging requirements should be indicated when request for quotation is made and when placing orders.


Hot dip galvanizing is the industry accepted solution to corrosion of ferrous line hardware. The products of LHI are galvanized in accordance with the latest revision of the ASTM A-153 standard for zinc coated steel and iron hardware. After fabrication, each part goes through a ten step process in modern galvanizing facilities to provide the best possible finish. A visual inspection of the cooled parts is performed to ensure complete coverage. Random testing with a hand held magnagauge is performed to check for proper mil thickness.

Stock Items/Custom Products

We keep many of the commonly used line hardware products in stock. This enables us to meet the occasional critical needs of our customers. Items quoted as “in stock” are subject to prior sale and may not be available when ordered. Not shown in this catalog are the many custom products made to meet the special requirements of our customers. We are prepared to make these items when there is adequate quantity to justify tooling and production expense. Please contact us regarding your special material need.

4426 Hunt Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63110
800.546.3411 fax: 314.531.1006


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